Working Capital

Loans are available to provide funds to your business if your cash is tied up in accounts receivable. We can help you determine if your working capital needs are permanent or temporary.

Loan Amounts

Up to $250,000


Permanent working capital loans will have a monthly payment with up to five year payout. Temporary financing would depend on accounts receivable collections and will payoff in one year.


The repayment term of your loan can be structured to fit the expected cash flow cycles. This includes a few months of interest only payments until you are able to collect accounts receivables and build your practice. Your loan could be long term and include graduated payments while you are growing.

Interest Rates

Long term fixed rates are available for amoritzing loans. Adjustable rate are also available. We will provide various scenarios that you can choose from.


The business assets will collateralize the loan. If necessary other collateral options or guarantees will be considered to accomplish the financing.