Starting a new Dental Practice

We would like to be a partner in your new business venture! Work with our experienced lenders to develop your cash flow and breakeven calculations. We pay close attention to calculating how much working capital your new practice needs until you are credentialed and insurance/government receivables produce cash. Your education and training provide you with a unique professional franchise, we want you to be successful.

Loan Amounts

Up to $500,000 for fixed assets and operating expenses needed to open your new practice.

Eligible purposes

Equipment, inventory, leasehold improvements and working capital


The repayment term of your loan can be structured to fit the expected cash flow cycles. This includes a few months of interest only payments until you are able to collect accounts receivables and build your practice. Your loan can be long term and include graduated payments while you are growing.

Interest Rates

Fixed rates are available for long term amortizing loans. Adjustable rate are also available. We will provide various scenarios that you can choose from.


The business assets will collateralize the loan. If necessary other collateral options or guarantees will be considered to accomplish the financing. Up to 100% financing is available, depending on the amount of fixed assets being purchased in relation to soft costs and working capital.